Starting My Blog: A 7 Day Challenge

Today, I have decided to write a new blog everyday for 7 days, this entry being the first. An entire week! Believe it or not, this will be a huge personal challenge for me.

When I turned 30 last year, I had a miniature quarter life crisis (I say miniature only because my general attitude in dealing with anything stressful in life has always been to take a step back and relax till you sort of… you know… forget about it). I’d been in existence for 30 years, sitting on so much talent, so much potential, and I had absolutely nothing to show for it. This was pretty disheartening to say the least. My 20s immediately seemed like a complete waste. The decade of my life I was supposed to come out to the world and showcase how amazing I was had been lost to working shitty jobs, smoking too much weed, being a hedonist, and giving up when things got too hard.

How did I let that happen? Now 31, I’ve spent the past year and 4 months dissecting, reading, listening, philosophizing, regurgitating, and exploring anything and everything I can to change myself into a better, more productive person. I’ve learned some pretty amazing, and painstakingly obvious things I never even thought about when I was 25. The variables that create a personality are endless and fascinating, and to understand yourself is to understand your particular variables. What do I do now?

Even if this is purely distraction, I feel it is important to adopt a habit around projecting my personal thoughts, character and beliefs into the world. I have done blogs in the past, revolving around particular circumstances, but never a blog that was specifically setup for expounding on my personal philosophies. I have learned a lot about self love and self respect in this past year, and this blog will be (or will at least begin) as a channel for this new found ideal. Here’s to completing my goal.

Blog 1/7


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