Starting My Blog: Doing Things Last Minute

I totally called it. It’s Tuesday. I really wanted to just chill out and not think about this. Alas, here I am, about to go meet my girlfriend at a holiday party, writing my blog out as fast as possible so I don’t tarnish my current streak.

I’ve done this my entire life. As we are all creatures of habit, and habits define the type of people we are, I have defined myself as a last-minute person.

Last-minuteness isn’t always bad, but its definitely not always good. I’ve pulled some awesome things off under the immense pressure of a deadline. Were they the best representations of me?



Did I push myself to my own personal limits and stretch beyond them?

Hmm… maybe? Like…once?

Have I showcased the absolute best version of myself to the world? Has the world really seen the absolute 100% best, all out version of Paul Schaffenberger??


Well, there we go.

Not much needs to be elaborated on here.

Blog 4/7


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