Starting My Blog: Where We All Stand

I just got home. It’s 10:54pm. I am drunk. This is hard. My face feels flushed. I can still edit my text, but feel like its very hard to really articulate whats going on .

My boss and I were hacing a great converstion

The above was as far as I got in writing my blog last night. It was after beers with my boss. We worked a ridiculous last day of 2016 and had to celebrate. It was pretty awesome.

Throughout our conversation, I probed his mind for wisdom on politics, social management, and responsibility. Our approaches to understanding the world operate on a similar plane. We both use humor to contextualize the absurdity of our daily reality, but respect how complex life can be.

He’s much further along of course, and I’ve found him to be an organic mentor to me. I like working for him because we can reference terrible Steven Segal movie scenes ad nauseam no matter how insane or stressful the day is. However, he can take control of a situation with apparent effortlessness, a trait I have only begun to understand.

Of course, he started the company, so his investment and respect amongst his employees are tantamount to his role. His ability to handle situations comes with experience no doubt, and offers a glimpse into a keen sensibility that can only come from a deep understanding of oneself.

Establishing Where You Stand

There are so many nuances to presenting oneself authentically. I have always been aware of a social contract with my peers, clients, or students- but fielding it with grace and humility has never been easy. Establishing where you stand is the clearest form of communication. Establishing where you stand requires dedication and commitment. Establishing where you stand is not easy.

Not only that, but really understanding how you are perceived can only become an understanding when you know where you stand. That sounds something like a feedback loop, but its really simple. The surest way anyone can understand how they are being perceived is to control that perception to the very finest detail.

I’ve been oblivious in life before. I’ve been sucked into the realm of not caring because I thought it made it easier to rationalize moments I didn’t understand. I’ve learned this approach only begets more confusion. Now I know the only thing that will guarantee a solid reaction from my self is to know where I stand.

To know where I stand is to know my true self.

Blog 6/7


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