Goodbye 2016

We had a good run 2016. A goooood good run.

And by good run I mean like, the runs. Like completely terrible.

Image result for 2016 celebrity deaths

So many celebrities! The celebrities!!!! David Bowie and Prince! Leonard Cohen! George Michael on Christmas!! The very next day, we gave it away, to CARRIE FISCHER??

I know theres more (Gene Wilder, Mohammed Ali, Joey from Friends) but lets talk about probably the most controversial and unexpected news of the year- a man named DT. I think you know who I’m talking about when I say DT-

Related image

That’s right! DEAN THOMAS!

We watched both seasons of How to Get Away With Murder this year, and boy was he a smash hit! Why so controversial you ask? The man got away with murder! For 2 seasons!

But lets back up. Back up all the way to 1945. THAT was a crazy year!! The World War of all the World Wars- World War Part 2 finally ended. First FDR died, then Hitler committed suicide, then the US dropped 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens, then the Slinky was invented!

Can you imagine living in a time without the Slinky?

Anyway, 2016 can’t compete with that. But I will say we got pretty close. The US election really went south as soon as we all found out Colonel Sanders didn’t win the primaries. Things were looking truly promising for America until then. Just imagine the Inauguration Day for such an esteemed member of our society. And the buckets! The only time I can think of seeing that many buckets was when I was a spritely youth endlessly hauling loads of cement as a Chinese prison laborer. Sigh.


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